Английский язык ваулина 6 класс: Ваулина. Spotlight учебник (student’s book)

Module 6, страница 56-57, Номер 3


  1. Ответкин
  2. Решебники
  3. 6 класс
  4. Английский язык
  5. Ваулина (Учебник Spotlight)
  6. Module 6, страница 56-57, Номер 3

Назад к содержанию

ГДЗ (готовое домашние задание из решебника) на Module 6, страница 56-57, Номер 3 по учебнику Английский язык. 6 класс. Учебник для общеобразовательный организаций. Ю.Е. Ваулина, Д. Дули, О.Е. Подолянко, В. Эванс. — 9 издание, Просвещение, 2019г.


Look at the leaflet on p. 53. What is it about? Where could you see it? How many clubs are there?
Bolton Middle School
Clubs meet at 4:30, right after school.
Clubs and Activities
Art Club: Are you keen on painting? Then, join us! We work in groups and learn how to draw and paint. We also go on trips to art museums!
Meetings: Wednesdays & Fridays
Drama Club: Are you good at acting? Our drama club is the club for you.

We write and present our own plays! We also go to the theatre a lot!
Meetings: Mondays
Sports Club: Do you want to have fun? Go cycling, swimming and windsurfing with us, or play football, basketball or baseball in one of our teams!
Meetings: Tuesdays
Computer Club: Are you interested in computers? Learn new programmes, use our PCs to do your homework and play the best computer games ever!
Meetings: every day
Book Club: Are you fond of literature? Read exciting novels, talk about them and exchange books.
Meetings: Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays
Music Club: Are you mad about music? Then join one of the bands in our club and … let the good times rock!
Meetings: Fridays
Photography Club: Are you interested in photography? Come to our club, print your own pictures and meet people who love photography!
Meetings: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Listen, read and find the correct clubs.
1. _ meet(s) once a week.
2. _ meet(s) twice a week.

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